Monday, February 01, 2010

An encouraging sign?

Hi everyone:

At long last, we have some results from Patty's latest round of tests (those designed to measure the effectiveness of last summer's HeartNet surgery).

Patty's ejection fraction (EF) now measures at between 30 and 35 percent, up from 20-25 percent. Normal is around 55 percent. With heart failure, it's very unlikely Patty will ever be at normal levels, but she seems to be functioning just fine where she's at.

We were pleasantly surprised by the increase in EF, because one member of the research team said that the short-term results were not as dramatic as they had expected from the study. So, for once, Patty seems to be an exception to the rule in a positive fashion.

All in all, Patty is faring quite well. She has had to battle a few bugs this winter (for example, she missed work today because she was vomiting), but on most days seems no different from anyone who doesn't have heart problems. That's the best sort of news, and we're living it most every day.