Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just a quick note

Hi everyone:

Just thought I should poke in for a moment to let everyone (or at least everyone who still visits) know that Patty is still going strong. She very much enjoyed a much-needed break from work, and had a wonderful holiday with our kids. Her medical reports continue to be incredibly positive. Wow...it's still hard to believe.

I'll try to post some recent photos soon. Happy New Year, everyone.


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Brad said...

Hi Patty OC and Brian,

I wanted to let you both know that I think this blog is amazing (as are both of you). It's beautiful and inspiring to read about how you've endured so much together and can remain positive.

Since we last talked, I finished my BFA in Printmaking and my BA in Art History at Indiana University. Now I'm working in the School of Art there and I've applied to grad schools this year. It's still too early for acceptance letters, but I hope to be starting the first year of my MFA this fall.

Your class was an affirmation that I was going in the right direction at time when I had little idea what I wanted. Now, my artistic life has consumed everything - it's my job, my service, my hobby, and my passion. I'll be sure to get back to you when I decide where I'm going to go school, but in the meantime, keep going strong.

Best always,