Monday, March 10, 2008

Catching up with former students

Hi Everyone:

Over the weekend, Patty had visits from two former students -- Emily (on Friday) and Roxie (Saturday.) We've had a handful of visits from Emily over the past year, but had not seen Roxie since she did Patty's nails on the night before our wedding (six years ago.) Patty really likes to see that the kids are doing well as adults, and I think she's thrilled to know that she played a part in shaping their lives.
Patty plants one on Emily

Patty, Roxie & Brian

On Friday, Patty escorted a group of students on a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. She continues to do very well, and has now added more frequent exercise to her weekly routines. We're pretty impressed at how she seems to get stronger and stronger.
Patty & a Pollock


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