Friday, August 14, 2009

Exciting opportunity (hopefully)

Hi everyone:

I just wanted to share some exciting news that we hope will become even better news in the near future. My literary-agent-slash-hero, Claire, will be representing Patty and I in selling rights to Pulse of My Heart, a memoir Patty and I have been writing about her medical journey.

Claire, who sold my book (to be published in May of 2010), thought highly of the seven sample chapters we sent to her yesterday. She described the material as "good (but horrific) reading". She will be sending the material to publishers starting next week. We'll be sure to keep you posted about any developments.

Patty has been working like mad to capture as many memories as possible before she heads back to the classroom the week after next. I've also been authoring a few chapters, to lend the book a "he said, she said" perspective. In the process of pulling this together, I think Patty has uncovered in herself a knack for narrative; her storytelling, in my utterly unbiased opinion (yeah, right), makes for a pretty compelling read. What's more, aside from a few snipes at each other in the early going, we've also found we collaborate pretty well.

More soon...



Cyndi Henry said...

Best wishes with the book. I am excited for you both.
Hope that Patty is recovering and feeling better by the day. I have been in contact with another lady who had the HeartNet surgery who reports great results from her surgery. Just let me know if you would like her email address.
Take care. Cyndi Henry

Scott said...

I'm looking forward to reading that book.