Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A rough couple of days

Hi everyone:

Patty was forced to stay home from work today by what we believe is the flu. She has been battling low-grade fevers, nausea and potent headaches since yesterday evening. A couple of days prior, she experienced some discomfort in her chest similar to the pericarditis symptoms; as this discomfort arose shortly after she finished her course of steroids, I'll be watching her closely. I'm feeling under the weather myself, so we may all be battling a bug of some sort; unfortunately, these bugs tend to take a bigger toll on our patient. I took a photo of Patty this morning that I had hoped to post, but it wouldn't attach properly (given how terrible Patty looks, this is perhaps a blessing.)

On a more positive note, our agent continues to shop our book about Patty's story (tentatively titled "Pulse of My Heart".) To date, at least three larger publishers have expressed some interest. Keep your fingers crossed. I, for one, believe it is a compelling, touching and sometimes quite humorous story.


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