Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And on and on and on...

Hi everyone:

Patty has really been having a rough go of late with her recovery from the HeartNet surgery. For reasons that puzzle everyone, including her doctors, she's been experiencing a fair amount of pain below her incision site. Her cardiologists have expressed surprise that she's still having discomfort after so long--how soon they forget that Patty seems to be the exception to every rule in the medical world.

She's not allowed to take ibuprofen, because it's contraindicated for those with heart failure, and doctors will no longer give her any other pain medication because--I don't know--she's not a grown-up who can make responsible decisions?

It's frustrating to watch Patty struggle through the demands of her teaching job while also struggling with pain that is exascerbated by said teaching job. It's also frustrating, for one who loves her, to accept that doctors won't do anything and everything to help her cope with what is, admittedly, a drawn-out recovery. And for what reason?

So, with no other options offered, Patty has to go back on steroids for at least a week. I'm doubtful this will work.

I'm wishing, more and more, that she'd never had the procedure. I hope we'll look back on all of this in a positive light at some future date but, for now, I'm not happy.

Sunnier messages in the future, I hope...


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Marie said...

Hi Brian and Patty, just found your blog through Blogcatalog.

Obviously I just started reading it, so I only know a fraction of your ordeal, but I am so sorry for your struggle.

I have MS AND a fractured shoulder. Because of course just one of those would not have been enough; I'm also fat, old and lost an eye in an accident as a child, so clearly was an axe-murderer in a previous life.

At any rate, I digress (as I usually do when I am talking about myself, lol). I have chronic pain from the first two afflictions and, while I adore narcotics, have found that mediation and guided imagery can help make the pain a little more tolerable.

I don't want to minimize your pain, Patty, there is still nothing like medication (have you talked to your doctor about pain management?). But if you are interested, I have found Belleruth Naperstak's CD's helpful, along with mindfulness meditation.

I wish you both much luck on this road and Patty, I hope you get some relief from the pain soon.