Monday, March 22, 2010

Some non-cardiac surgery for a change

Hi everyone:

Patty had surgery this morning to remove a neuroma from her right foot. For the past two years, it has been a nuisance, and recently has made working on her feet painful. We left the house just after six this morning, and were home by 10:30. As I write this, our patient is in a deep slumber on our sofa, even with the chaos of a full house around her.

When Patty was being prepped for surgery, the nurse seemed quite surprised to learn Patty has an ICD/pacemaker. Patty seemed quite surprised that they were surprised, because she had communicated this fact on more than one occasion. At first, we worried the surgery would need to be postponed, which would be frustrating because Patty planned it for her spring break. Apparently, the normal way of doing the surgery involves electrical impulses, which might have caused some problems with Patty's ICD. Doctors opted for a different approach.

As unfortunate as it is that Patty had to have yet another medical procedure, we're glad for once that it has nothing to do with her heart.

Or does it? I have this theory, which I believe I pulled out of my ass, that this neuroma and the numbness she experiences in her hands and arms are all related to whatever unnamed autoimmune condition she has. I can't prove it, of course--and I'm no doctor--but it sounds right to me, so there it is.



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