Friday, October 05, 2007

One from the patient

Hi everyone:

This weekend is one filled with activities surrounding our high school's Homecoming. As we're the parents of a 14-year-old freshman (and a 16-year-old junior), we decided to immerse ourselves in Homecoming activities -- we did so in part because I have obligations to the school, and in part because we're being mother hens.
Tonight we all attended the football games, because I was hosting a face painting booth at which Patrick and several other NAHS students were working. PJ worked like a dog the whole time, and displayed a level of maturity that both surprised me and made me beam with pride. It was a successful evening -- we made a surprising amount of money, especially considering we were charging two dollars per face.
Tomorrow's festivities include the Homecoming Dance, which both Brian and I are chaperoning, and PJ and Kelly are attending. The preparation for said dance will likely be as exhausting as the evening.
I've been feeling just great these days, which is fortunate, because these activities are exhausting to everyone; I'm surprising myself and others by how well I am faring.
That's all for now; thanks for continuing to read this blog. Sorry this is such a boring entry to the collection; however, I've come to believe that BORING = GOOD, at least as the content of this blog is concerned.


PJ at work (the first of many customers)

Mr. Jumbohead

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