Saturday, October 13, 2007

Overeaters Not-So-Anonymous

Hi everyone:

Tonight, Patty and I celebrated the wonderful news about her improved condition by sharing a special bottle of wine Patty had purchased as a gift for me three years ago. We had been saving the wine for a very special occasion, and decided that there really aren't many circumstances that could be regarded as more special than what would seem to be a new lease on life. With no chemotherapy or other nasty drugs in her daily medicine regimen, Patty has gradually regained an appetite that had long been compromised. We ate a fairly substantial early dinner tonight, and then whipped up a potato/leek/thyme/gruyere cheese pizza about half an hour ago (trust me, you WANT this recipe.) Patty, who typically is a fairly light eater, scarfed back six good-sized slices without hesitation! All is well...


P.S. As I am reading this draft back to Patty, she will almost certainly be worrying that I'm making her sound like a pig. If this stays in, you'll know I was right...

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