Friday, September 07, 2007

More tests

Hi everyone:

On Monday after work, Patty will be undergoing an exercise stress test at Edward Hospital to evaluate the current condition of her heart. Patty hates this test, so she's not especially thrilled. I presume we will hear results on Tuesday when Patty meets with Dr. Costanzo.

If the stress test suggests that Patty's heart is holding its own -- that is, it shows no further signs of deterioration -- doctors may be able to indefinitely postpone activities designed to reduce Patty's antibodies. Since these activities have thus far done little other than to render Patty sick, we're hopeful about this outcome. Dr. Costanzo may also opt to do a right-heart catheterization, to further evaluate Patty before making decisions.

If I understand correctly, the plan would then be to continue to hope that a negative crossmatch would become available for transplant; in the interim, we would continue to keep our fingers crossed that Patty's heart will sustain her. Given her recent track record, I'm encouraged.

Patty and I were interviewed yesterday, and Patty was photographed today, for a short follow-up article in the Aurora Beacon News. I'll let you know when the article comes out.


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