Friday, September 28, 2007

Update? really

Hi everyone:

I just wanted to assure everyone that if I'm going for long stretches without writing, chances are that everything is just fine. Whenever there is anything meaningful to report, I'll do everything in my power to provide updates here. We have not yet heard back from Dr. Costanzo about the stress test results, so we still don't have an official position about whether or not Patty will remain on the transplant list.

As usual, I have little to report. The most exciting thing that has happened around here is that I jokingly said I was going to flick a piece of popcorn off my hand into Connor's mouth about six feet away -- and then fired it directly onto his tongue. PJ, who had a perfect view of the action, almost fell off his chair.

We have been homebodies most nights; we recently saw The Wind that Shakes the Barley (very good) and Bug (very bad). The kids are gone for the weekend with Steve, so we'll probably get caught up on some other films we've wanted to watch. There, now you're completely up to date.


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