Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yup...more of the same

Hi everyone:

Little of consequence transpired today. Patty tackled some domestic chores (the cleaning that I don't even realize needs to be done, mostly), and then cooked a from-scratch dinner for the kids. She really enjoys cooking for the kids when she can, although I think her efforts are underappreciated at times. I alternated between expanding a mailing list for our business and continuing a bitter monologue about what needs to be done to restore the Sox to glory, or at least a semblance of decency. The kids are all doing well. Wow, could my blog entries be less interesting? I'm actually embarrassed.
It seems like such a long time ago that we were sharing what seemed to be an endless stream of frets and worries. We would happily have gone without all that mess, but the events sure provided some intriguing copy for a while. Patty and I have both noticed that the thoughts of hospitalization, advancing heart failure, transplant and such are becoming more and more abstract and remote as weeks and months pass. These days, I usually think of Patty as a very sleepy version of the pre-MI Patty, but I seldom mentally connect her fatigue with an illness anymore. Do you suppose that's healthy, or foolish? In my sunnier moments, I imagine that Patty's heart really is recovering, and that a transplant may no longer be necessary; that would be wonderful.
Tomorrow, we're heading to Evanston for the Chicago-side version of the Luke/Nicole wedding celebration. On Tuesday, Patty will start week two of her school year. I think she's having to shake out some work cobwebs that are a bit frustrating, but she really does seem happy to be back to work.

P.S. I did not end up with the MegaMillions jackpot ($330 million) last night. I was pretty sure I was going to win.

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