Friday, August 31, 2007

Catching up...on the run

Hi everyone:

This week has been a hectic, crazy one across the board. Patty and the kids are back in school, and I have been working on a project. Patty has been finding the days tiring, and she has little in the tank when she gets home, but I think she's happy to be back at work nonetheless. Most of our evenings end much earlier than in days past; our opportunity to be nighthawks has now moved to the weekends.

On to health matters: Patty's heart seemed to be beating fast this morning, and she was shaky; this was disconcerting, but it seemed to pass quickly and without any ongoing problems. Other than that, the only health concern was a recurrence of the sore right foot -- a problem that was painful enough to keep Patty awake one night. Mostly, though, she appears to be doing pretty well.


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