Friday, August 03, 2007

An unsettling morning

Hi everyone:

Patty's early morning was a bit disconcerting; she was feeling profoundly nauseous when she awakened, and her heart was racing. An hour or so later, the symptoms had abated, and have not returned, so perhaps any worry is without merit. Often, we wonder if what she is feeling is an "under-the-weather" day like anyone can have, or if her symptoms are related to heart failure. Even when she's feeling well, which seems to be the norm rather than the exception most days (knock on wood), an unexpected sniffle or ache in the leg always gets our attention.

Patty has been a homebody today, as has been the case most days this past week. Between the oppressive heat and the excessive swarms of biting insects, we've found little incentive to venture out on walks lately. Given that Patty's swelling and breathlessness have both been at bay for a few days now, we have thought it better not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The most exciting aspects of this coming weekend will be Devin's arrival and Patty's birthday, both of which will take place on Sunday.


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