Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Under the weather

Hi everyone:

Devin and Colin returned to Canada this morning; of course, we're a bit blue to see them leave. Kelly seems to be especially affected by the departure; she and her brothers from Canada have become pretty close. Kelly and Patty accompanied me this morning to take Devin and Colin to the airport.

Patty is feeling under the weather today, as she was for much of yesterday. She has been feeling nauseous and tired, and has experienced some minor swelling in her hands. She did, however, muster enough energy yesterday to visit the zoo. Such visits must necessarily be restricted in length because of Patty's stamina, but I know the kids are happier when our entire family is together. We took several photos of the kids goofing off at the zoo; they really all seemed like a bunch of happy little kids for those few hours.

As I write this, Patty is taking a nap (her second of the day -- see, I told you she was tired.) I am working on marketing for the business while also watching a huge pot of pasta sauce I've been working on. And that's our day so far.


From the zoo

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