Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A medical update (of sorts) last

Hi everyone:

Patty is having a less-than-stellar day today; her stomach is upset and she is shaky. Her original plan was to attend a faculty event this evening, but the combination of her condition and the brutal heat are likely to keep her home.

We did finally get some response from Patty's doctors. They want to do an exercise stress test and a right heart catheterization to evaluate the condition of Patty's heart. The thinking is that if her heart seems strong enough to endure for some time without a transplant, they may be able to stop focusing on as-yet-unsuccessful attempts to reduce her panel reactive antibodies. Instead, if Patty later has a downturn, they may attempt an experimental procedure whereby they would transplant both a heart and a piece of the donor's liver; the thinking, I believe, is that they may be able to trick Patty's body into accepting an otherwise less-than-ideal organ. This all sounds a little scary, but there don't seem to be an abundance of other viable options. We are so fortunate that Patty seems to be doing much better than anyone expected.



Anonymous said...

Bay City Rollers did the song

Anonymous said...

I believe Jeff still goes the song in a bad karaoke version when we are up north.

Good luck at school - glad to hear you are returning!

Hey who are those OLD kids in these pictures? Where did the time go?


Anonymous said...

Oops, it was Jeff still SINGS the song. Brian - now you can mock my typing.