Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another uninspiring update (sorry)

Hi everyone:

As has been the case with most of my updates, I don't have much to share. Patty continues to fare pretty well, all things considered. Her hands get a bit swollen from time to time, and her face also seemed puffy yesterday, but she hasn't had many overt symptoms of heart failure recently. When she worked at the school the other day, she experienced dizziness when she stood up quickly, but these are small matters compared to what we've seen in the past.

When Patty's ICD was interrogated the other day, the reports suggested that since the last time the unit was checked, she has had no situations in which the ICD was close to delivering a shock. Let's keep our fingers crossed that these good times last, because it doesn't seem we're any closer to getting a new heart for our patient. We don't even hear back from most of Patty's doctors anymore, even if we write to them directly.

We have been enjoying Devin's and Colin's visit, although the time seems to be slipping away very quickly; their return flight is on Tuesday morning. We would have liked to have done more as a family during their stay, but any activities for seven people get pretty expensive during tighter times. We did use some passes we had been given for Wizard World Chicago, a huge comics/anime convention held near the airport (Neil came in Patty's place), and we plan to go to Brookfield Zoo tomorrow. On other days, we make at least one foray over to our friends' pool, or play ladderball or catch in the yard. All in all, it's been a memorable visit for all of us. I just wish time could stand still for once.


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