Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Making the most of our summer

Hi everyone:

My apologies (yet again) for not writing over the past couple of days. The boys have less than a week of visit left before returning to Canada, so I have been trying to juggle time with the five kids and the pursuit of client projects. With so little happening on the health front, the blog sometimes gets pushed aside. Please know that if anything important happens as concerns Patty's health, I will do my best to post it here promptly.

Speaking of health matters, Patty does have an interrogation of her ICD (defibrillator) scheduled for this afternoon; this doesn't usually yield anything surprising. Other than that, Patty has been doing well. She has had some inexplicable aching in the bones of her right foot, and some patichiae on her legs, but neither seems significant as regards her heart.

On Monday, our family visited the Museum of Science and Industry, and then the kids sat with Patty in a fast-food joint while I met with a couple of former colleagues about a small potential project (please keep your fingers crossed.) Since then, we've focused primarily on staying cool, with thanks to our friends who have been generous with access to their pool. Today, Patty, Devin, Patrick and Kelly are at the school getting Patty's classroom ready for the start of the fast-approaching school year.

From time to time, I have joked on the blog about Patty's neatness/cleaning habits. I think we've found the new prime example of this: on Sunday, when our family had finished lighting birthday candles and was singing Happy Birthday, Patty briefly walked away from the cake to rearrange a couple of towels and wipe a surface. We actually stopped singing for a moment to ask her just what she thought she was doing. Crazy...

More soon...


Colin & Brian plotting next steps at the museum

Birthday girl (seconds after the towel position was fixed...whew)

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