Monday, June 29, 2009

Now we're both nervous

Hi everyone:

I just wanted to pop in one last time to say that, barring anything unforeseen, Tuesday's surgery is still a go for Patty. We need to leave our home tomorrow by 5:00. In the morning. Yuck.

Patty is feeling the first tendrils of mild anxiety about what's to come, mostly because the pain during recovery is said to be intense. Still, I know she's confident this procedure will help her, so I think she's also looking forward to getting this over with. I'm still nervous on her behalf, but confident she's tougher than anything doctors can throw at her.

Please send good vibes in Patty's direction. I'll try to update the blog as soon as possible after her surgery; if I can't access the blog at the hospital (as was the case last time), it may take me until Wednesday sometime to provide an update. I will also try to answer any emails at

I unintentionally created some confusion in one of my earlier posts or e-mails--so, to clarify: Patty welcomes calls, emails, text messages or visits during the week. You shouldn't feel any pressure to visit, nor any reservations about stopping by. Of course, if you'd prefer not to watch Patty sleep (even though she's an adorable snoozer), you may want to call first to get a sense of whether she's staying conscious or just dozing the days away. As for me, I'll probably be sleeping and eating most of the time; if you'd like to watch me doing these things, you're more than welcome to do so.


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Anonymous said...

We will keep Patty in our thoughts and prayers all day tomorrow and look forward to a positive update!

All the best to the whole family.

Brigid (Kane) & Phil Biggio