Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Patty update

Hi everyone:

Well, we finally got in to see Patty, and I'm not sure we were quite prepared for what we found. I sure as hell wasn't. It's official...when it comes to this sort of thing, I'm a wimp.

Patty is in a great deal of pain; even the simplest movement, like scratching her nose, brings tears to her eyes. It's so hard to see her hurting like that with no ability to bring any relief. Patty said that just breathing really hurts all the way from her shoulder to her hip, and that her first waking memory was of bursting into tears. She, of course, thinks she's being a baby, and has insisted we have the TV on with the volume up so she doesn't "have to listen to (her) own whining."

As you can see, she's covered in wires and tubes, and she's also surrounded by machines, the whole effect of which transforms alarming into deeply unsettling. For most O'Maras, who have all summered in Hell, this might not be all that severe or frightening. For me (and Kelly, judging by her reaction), this is somewhat new and wholly unpleasant. Kathleen even looks a little lost, and she's been through some wars herself.

Anyway, I want to get back to Patty, so I'll sign off for now. They've added more pain drugs to her mix, so hopefully she'll soon get some sleep. I'll try to provide another update later today.

In case anyone needs the info, she's in room 6604 (sixth floor) of the cardiac intensive care unit of Edward Hospital.

I hope she feels better soon, because I'm wishing she hadn't done this...at least for now.


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