Monday, July 02, 2007

Back to normal (mostly)

Hi everyone:

This morning has been largely devoted to unpacking from the trip to Miami for Luke and Nicole's beautiful (and touching) wedding. This was an ambitious trip for Patty, to be sure, but she held up very well throughout; only occasional fatigue would betray that she has a heart condition. Aunt Sue hosted our family in her room, which had breathtaking views of both Coconut Grove and of the ocean.

This trip was, in part, a celebration of firsts: the kids snorkeled for the first time (while I suffered my first-ever bout of seasickness); PJ and I ate beef intestines and sweetbreads (for the first and quite likely the last time); I played Wii for the first time, with Mike and Kevin, and discovered that I'm a big fan; and the first of the O'Mara grandchildren was married, thus confirming once and for all that our generation is starting to get old.

Below, just a few of the many photos we snapped during our trip:

The newlyweds' first dance

Just before the wedding

PJ, Myles, Mike and MB

Tommy and Connor getting ready for snorkeling


One view from our balcony

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Luke said...

You guys have no idea how wonderful it was that you made it to the wedding. When we first decided to have it in Miami, I was really worried that it would mean some family wouldn't get to participate, and in particular that Patty wouldn't be able to make it down because of her health. While Neil and some of the Callahans didn't make it, we were blown away by all who did. It really made it that much better for us to have PJ, Kelly, Connor, Brian, and especially Patty there. Thanks!