Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Colin is here, Patty is miserable

Hi everyone:

Yesterday was a nightmare day, in some respects. Patty, Kelly, Connor and I arrived at O'Hare just before Colin was scheduled to arrive, at 3:45; unfortunately, Colin's plane didn't land until 10:19pm. In the midst of this wait, we needed to make a trip back to our home for Patty's meds, so we made two full trips to the airport yesterday. Having said this, our day wasn't nearly as grueling as Colin's -- he sat on the tarmack for two extended periods, the first of which was more than four hours. We were relieved, though, that Colin did ultimately arrive, and I have been thoroughly enjoying having him around. He has grown since his last visit, and is now only an inch shorter than me. He and his cousin Danny share a January 11 birthdate, and also seem to share body types...I wouldn't want to meet either of them in a dark alley.

Today, Patty is feeling miserable. She is congested, very nauseous and weak. She managed to make the move from our bedroom to the family room sofa, but has no energy for anything more ambitious. I checked her blood pressure, which was normal. She is just having one of those crummy days; fortunately, she doesn't have them often.


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