Monday, July 09, 2007

Neil away, Colin on his way

Hi everyone:

Neil left this afternoon after visiting for two days; his visits are always a special occasion for us. Patty overdid things a bit over the past couple of days and evenings (as is her wont), so she spent much of today resting. All in all, though, she still seems pretty strong; I hope this streak just keeps going and going.

Colin arrives tomorrow afternoon. When he's here, our household will be 6/7ths complete, at least for a while. The time always flies when the boys visit, and it seems like no time at all before we're saying goodbye again.

I'm sorry the blog entries of late are few and far between; there just seems to be very little of consequence to share. Perhaps we'll soon have the best and most hopeful of news to share; until then, we'll just keep pulling for Patty's stretch of good fortune to continue.


P.S. My ladderball skills are still sorely lacking...both Neil and Patty triumphed over me many times yesterday. I had my revenge when we played Trivial Pursuit.

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