Monday, July 23, 2007

Mediocre meanderings

Hi everyone:

As before, our home continues to be a theatre of the mundane. Most days, Patty alternates between resting and tackling chores around our house; she continues to do well much of the time, although she still needs sporadic naps to get through the day. I have been trying very hard to drum up new information design work, but have been frustrated lately by how much things have slowed down; hopefully, I'll find myself atop another wave very shortly. For my work, summer and year-end always seem to be slower than the spring and fall months.

Patty is looking forward to her part-time return to work in a month; we can certainly use the break on the health care premiums. I know Patty will be happier when she's teaching again. I still worry about her stamina, but I know she doesn't want to be home-bound if she feels she can be productive.

PJ continues to work on the school summer play, and Colin and I have grabbed an hour here and there to catch up on months of missing each other. Kelly and Connor are still camping, and are happy today that some of their Krawczykowski cousins are joining them. We will have these kids back on Wednesday. Devin arrives on Patty's birthday, August 5, but can only stay for nine days.

I'll write again soon...take care.


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