Thursday, July 05, 2007

A fun Fourth

Hi everyone:

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July. We enjoyed the company of many of our neighbors, with whom we fashioned a low-key, pot-luck barbecue dinner. Neighbors near and distant had invested in some pretty good fireworks, so we enjoyed a free show. We also played bag toss and ladderball -- my aim was way off, so I lost every game I played (Patty fared much better.) This picture was taken at around 11pm, after much of the crowd had gone home.

All through the day and evening, I kept thinking that perhaps a donor heart would come through for Patty, but the call never came. As always, I have really mixed feelings when I hope for a new heart for Patty, because I know what that means for another family. I wish doctors and scientists could make more pronounced strides with artificial hearts, so that tragedy doesn't have to be any part of this process. Patty said that she doesn't feel like she desperately needs another heart just yet, so to her the wait is just fine for now.

Patty had a mild, nagging headache yesterday which seems to have lingered into today. She also had an irregular heartbeat for a short time yesterday; it didn't persist, but every time it happens we find it a bit disconcerting. All in all, though, we really can't complain about how she's faring; in many ways, it seems like a mystery (and even a bit of a minor miracle) that she seems to be as strong as she is.

When Patty gets up this morning, I think her plan is to take Kelly to the mall so that Kelly can spend some of the money she has been saving from her birthday and graduation. Connor is at his friend Alec's. PJ will likely leave soon after he gets up so that he can spend time with Kelsey. With any luck, I'll have a very quiet house in which to work. Thanks for keeping Patty in your thoughts.


P.S. Colin is arriving next Tuesday, July 10, and will be staying for just over a month. Devin will arrive in early August for a nine-day visit. We're so excited.

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