Thursday, July 27, 2006

A bit rough on Thursday

Hi everyone:

Patty felt pretty energetic last night, so we went out for a little socializing with our friends at Kicker's, after watching Taps with the boys at home. Patty danced (with me and by herself), compared medical supplies with Joe (another club member) and kicked my butt at a game of pool.

Several people asked Patty how the fundraiser went. It took until the third or fourth time telling the story before she could pull it off with dry eyes.

Our friends at the club are hoping to host a low-key get-together for Patty on August 5, her 45th birthday. I know you're not supposed to ask or tell a woman's age, but she looks hot for 45, so the number can be shared.

Of course, whenever we go out for an evening, the next day tends to be a bit rough for Patty in terms of her energy levels. Today, she has an upset stomach and nausea, and is just generally pooped. In fact, she really wasn't awake much before midday.

Last night, we had some fun with the camera -- here are the results:

More later when there's more to report.


Patty with Chuck & Dolly -- she of the fun Thursday comments


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