Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Mom & Dad


Having heard the email from MB that makes up the previous post (Brian read it to me and it brought tears to my eyes), I became introspective about my Mom and Dad, and wanted to express some of my thoughts to them and to all of you who have so affected my life (and my family's) in the past months. Here it is:

Dear Mom & Dad:

Well, 50 years is quite a milestone. I still count them, though, because you are, after all, celebrating them together. Some would look at the past five years without either of you as somewhat troubled for us kids. We've lost Ellen and Carrie, and have had many other challenges and heartbreaks. Having said this, I feel that the culmination of all this is the best example of the lessons you taught us and still to this day we learn.

If you were here, I know that you would be bursting with pride at the love, generosity and capability that all of your children have demonstrated. My feelings about all of my brothers and sisters have taught me that I am really not without my parents after all; they are living the life you taught us and have thrown a safety net around us all that is inspiring to all who come across it.

I have a great husband and kids, and wonderful friends, and I know that is what is the most important part of a good life, if I've learned from your example. Having Ellen with you guys must be awesome for you...but I miss her almost as much as I miss you. The gift of Sue, of Joan, and of Maryann is something I know that you helped to give us. And still, I miss the both of you. The smiles on those faces are irreplaceable, and I really, really miss you. I hope you two are dancing together right now. I hope you take pride in the legacy you left. I am forever grateful to you. I love you both.


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Diane in Milw said...

How beautiful -- and I love the pictures -- thanks MB, thanks Patty --