Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just a Wednesday

Hi everyone:

Well, Patty survived her second round of IVIG without major complications. Last night, she was feeling more-than-typical shortness of breath and was very pale, and this morning has a moderate headache, but we've seen no evidence of fever or other nasties. The only unsettling situation from the past 24 hours was that Patty woke up during the night because of a dream in which she was having trouble breathing; it could have just been a dream, of course, but it could also be a symptom of her heart failure. We'll be watching this closely over the next little while.

This morning, Patty's nurse instructed Patty on how to change her milrinone bag, which means she will soon have less frequent visits from her home health care nurse. It will also mean that Patty will need to carry around twice as much milrinone at any given time.

Kelly is with Peter and Rachel this week, and will return tomorrow just in time to head off for the weekend. Colin will arrive on Saturday for a two-week stay. More soon...


Mariska the teacher, Patty the student


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