Thursday, July 02, 2009

And so it continues...

Hi everyone:

Well, here's the latest. After receiving the blood transfusion, Patty developed a fever that quickly climbed to 100.7 degrees. Patty's nurse through the day was very attentive to any changes in Patty's condition, so she was able to move quickly with Benadryl and other drugs and the fever seems to be easing down. Of course, the question that comes to mind is, "Why the fever?" With Patty, there's always something...always. I'm quickly coming to the conclusion we should be asking for a fireworks-facing room for the 4th, because I don't think our patient is escaping for at least a few days.

Thanks to our neighbor Sandy for hooking our family up with a pasta dinner tonight; it would be nice to get home soon so I can enjoy some of these treats.

If anything else transpires tonight, I'll write; otherwise, I'll write as soon as I can tomorrow.


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