Saturday, July 04, 2009

Morning of mixed messages (and a little alliteration)

Hi everyone:

Well, I started out writing one type of blog entry this morning, and now am writing quite another. We have really been quite confused for a few hours, but feel quite a bit better after talking to the study coordinator. At 7:00 this morning, Patty was told by a doctor she'd never seen before that she would be moving in just a few minutes to the step-down unit. We know that stepping down is normally a good thing; we just didn't know if we should consider it that, because we had little time to pose questions before the move. And if you know us, we do like our questions.

The doctor told her that all of this was part of gearing up for sending her home; this again was a surprise, since we had been warned that Patty would not likely be going home until Tuesday at the earliest, because of the four issues I mentioned yesterday--none of which have been fully resolved, to the best of our knowledge.

So here we are, in room 2625.

Patty spoke with Jeanne, who in turn spoke with Dr. Costanzo, and I think things are now in good hands. Patty was told to get walking, which she did with MaryBeth and I. She did well, albeit with some discomfort. We're still hoping for some clarification, but at least we're not ready to start tossing things around the room (except for one nurse to whom I plan to give the evil eye at every opportunity...but I digress). So, we were ready to have a fit about an hour ago, but are calming down now. If they're focusing on getting Patty out of here, we will, too. Next goal: home by Monday. Think she can do it?


P.S. You would have LOVED the first draft of today's message--it was all bile, and fire, and brimstone. I was a different man then.

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