Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day Three

Hi everyone:

Well, first things's a picture of the implantation of the Heart Net on Patty's heart. The thing that looks like a cell phone in the upper right is, I assume, Patty's pacemaker/ICD. The rake-like object coming up from the bottom is the arm that places the net. Cool, don't you think?

Doctors had hoped to remove the drainage tube from Patty's side today, which should have provided some relief for our patient. Unfortunately, Patty has a small perforation in her lung that is causing air and fluids to collect in her chest cavity. So, at least until tomorrow, the tube stays in Patty...and Patty stays in the intensive care unit.

What's more, Patty seems to be a little stingy with her urine...I'm a bit sketchy on the details on this front, but I understand that functioning kidneys are important to all of us, including Patty. They're working on this one.

Patty's brother Peter has visited earlier, and her brother Mike and family are here now, so I'm being rude and must sign off for a bit. When the pace slows down, I'll pop back in to make sure I haven't left out important details. All things considered, Patty seems to be in decent shape today.

Patty wants everyone who may read this in the future, including prospects for the study, to understand that she in no way regrets her choice, and appreciates the opportunity to participate. This blog just shares one person's experience, in part through the eyes and voice of a worried husband, so please take all of this with a grain of salt and don't let our grumblings sway your choices. Nobody likes hospitals. Nobody likes surgery. Nobody likes hurting through recovery. But a good future is the goal here. And, on this, Patty's outlook hasn't at all changed.


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