Monday, July 13, 2009


Hi everyone:

Well, Patty had seemed to be improving, but of course couldn't fully recover without experiencing at least something out of the norm. The pain from her surgery site has become more bearable, although she still feels sharp twinges from time to time, especially when standing or lowering herself into a chair.

What has rattled me a little is that Patty's breathing seems to be getting worse. She feels constant pressure ("an ache") in her chest, and cannot take deep breaths because they cause her pain. She has also been running low-grade fevers (right around 100) over the past two days. And, as mentioned previously, she's felt strange flutters in her heart, some which end quickly and others that last for some time.

If by later today this discomfort and/or fever persists, I'm going to call her doctors (hopefully, I'll even be able to get past their handlers to reach one.) I'll provide updates if we learn anything more.


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