Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day Two at the Chateau de Thisreallysucks

Hi everyone:

I had really hoped that today's first entry would be overwhelmingly sunny--you know, bluebirds draping ribbons over IV poles, bunnies standing vigil around the bed, raccoons no longer acting like the assholes of the animal kingdom, and all of the other boundless joys that life seldom provides but a heavy-duty dose of dilaudid usually can. Alas, even in Wonderland, a few thunder clouds are hovering.

Patty did get some decent sleep last night, but upon awakening this morning, the hurt (surgery site pain and headache) and nausea came rushing back in. She cannot shift more than a couple of inches, nor consume anything, even sips of liquid, without vomiting soon thereafter. Doctors believe she may be having a negative reaction to the dilaudid (Patty having a side effect? Outrageous!!!)

She's been switched to Fentanyl (the same med Kathleen receives for pain) and some other anti-nausea meds, so hopefully the new mix will work. Patty was opting to endure more pain so as to avoid more nausea, but doctors want her to be drugged up against the pain, because she'll be better able to move in ways that should hasten her recovery.

Still, in typical Patty fashion, our patient is wincing and groaning from pain one moment and in the next trying to plant the first few seeds about getting out of here ahead of schedule ("See the bluebird on my shoulder?") I told her that, in her present condition, she's not welcome home, so she'd best get as comfortable as possible. Of course, I'd love for us to get out of here sooner rather than later, but I don't want to hurry out of here now only to have her return on an emergent basis. She's sick, miserable, and hurting (even gentle breathing is painful at points), and in better hands than would be the case at home (where chaos and stress reign supreme at times.)

Because the world has a somewhat twisted sense of timing, and apparently little sense of humor, Patty had a powerful hot flash in the midst of all of this.

As I write these last few lines, Patty has dozed off, so perhaps the new drugs are helping somewhat...time will tell. Kathleen and Neil will be coming by soon with PJ, Kelly and Connor. I'll do my best to provide more updates as anything changes. Patty's being tough, and complaining very little, through what has to be an acutely unpleasant experience.


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