Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi everyone:

At Dr. Costanzo's suggestion, and based on our calls yesterday, Patty visited the hospital this morning for blood tests, urinalysis, a chest X-ray and an examination. If I understood correctly, everything seemed normal except for the X-ray, which showed that Patty had more fluid in one lung than when she left the hospital last week. Dr. Costanzo has increased Patty's dose of diuretic in hopes the volume of fluid can be reduced.

After examining Patty, Dr. Costanzo also arranged for Patty to be squeezed in for an echocardiogram, for which results were requested "stat". Like us, I think Dr. Costanzo is perplexed as to why Patty is showing heart failure symptoms when her stats suggest otherwise. Even in the examination, Patty's struggles with breathing were quite evident.

As soon as we have updates, I'll share them here.


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