Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More hospital pics

Hi everyone:

During Patty's recent hospitalization, I used my phone to take most of the photos I posted (hence the poor quality). I did take some pictures with the camera, however; so, for those of you who just can't get enough of hospital photos, here's a few more; remember, you can expand the pictures by clicking on them.


Patty before the surgery (too early to be smiling like this)

Kiddo, Patty, Kelly (just before Patty left for surgery)

Patty just after surgery (two views)

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chenry77 said...

Hi Brian and Patty,
I found some of your posts a few days ago and posted to the note on June 23rd. I didn't realize until I checked back today that you were posting daily and more often when needed. So I am leaving this comment to your most recent post.
My name is Cyndi Henry. I had the HeartNet surgery on November 26, 2007. Much of what Patty is experiencing is similar to what I also experienced. For women the pain control seems to be worse than for the guys who have had this surgery. The nurse practitioner who was my advocate and contact at SHANDS Hospital with the University of Florida where I am enrolled in the study told me that I would probably feel pretty sick and beat for the the first 6 months and that I would not get back to pre-surgery condition for about a year. She was right. But then I was much better. My ef prior to surgery was 25-30%. I believe that you mentioned that Patty's was much worse. I keep in touch with another lady from PA who had the surgery close to when I did. She has had excellent results. I keep in touch with a fellow who lives near me in FL who had the surgery during the first phase of the trial in PA. I would like to be an email buddy for Patty if she desires that at some point. I am a 52yo registered nurse who just stopped working and was approved for Social Security disability within 5 weeks of my application and will be blessed to have the SS and my pension in disability benefits to have an income that will be a little more than my net pay from work. I was diagnosed with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy 3 wks after my oldest son died from sudden cardiac death at the age of 20yo. I was 40yo.
My email address is chenry77@cfl.rr.com
I am keeping Patty close to my heart. Patty, give yourself lots of time and tenderness for healing. It will come in time.