Thursday, June 07, 2007

Frustration across the board (well, pretty much)

Hi everyone:

Today, day one of summer vacation (sort of), was a bit of a frustrating day. The chaos associated with full-time requests from kids is going to take some getting used to. PJ had no school, and Kelly and Connor came home after half-days. Kelly is hosting her friend Allison (she of the photos with Kelly last night) for a sleepover. Connor must have opened and then slammed the front door two dozen times today, each time allowing entry to a fly the size of a chickadee. Ahhh, summer!

I received upsetting news today. Apparently, getting Colin's passport renewed isn't going to be the piece of cake I had presumed. They are wanting documentation that doesn't exist, for reasons I cannot fathom. As things stand, I have only two choices: drive to Canada twice this summer, to pick up and to return Colin (the same passport rules do not apply to ground-based travel) or wait until Colin turns 16 in January before I have him visit (a prospect I cannot even think about.) The former would have some appeal under normal circumstances, but not with Patty waiting for a transplant. Devin is not an issue, because he is already over age 16.

I wrote the Member of Parliament in the region in which Colin lives; hopefully, he may be able to intervene on our behalf. Also, I saw some suggestion that the U.S. government might relax these rules in the near future. Please keep your fingers crossed. Or if any friends from Canada feel like visiting, and don't mind an extra passenger, we'd be happy to give you a comfy bed (okay, an air bed) and fine dining experiences (all the exotic forms of Hamburger Helper) if you'll bring the boys along.

The Sox games are making me insane, to the extent that Patty basically pleads with me not to watch. More and more, as much as I hope against hope for a turnaround game, I am heeding her wishes. Sigh...

On the positive side, Patty and I have an exciting weekend planned. I'll provide the details as soon as I can.


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