Monday, June 25, 2007

Parties, Patty posting and passports

Hi everyone:

Yesterday, we attended our nephew Sam's first birthday party. There was quite a crowd in attendance, on what evolved from an overcast morning into a pretty nice, sunny afternoon.

Sam seemed to enjoy my holding him from time to time; I suspect this is is at least partially because my stomach provides a comfortable seat. Starting next week, I'm going to work harder on getting rid of that "seat."

Patty stopped into the office at school today to facilitate a mailing to some of her advanced placement students. I can tell she is enthusiastic about getting back to work, and that this eagerness is increasing week by week.

I'm happy for her, but still a little worried about her stamina. She seems almost as strong as she was early last year, and I really hope she can keep this streak going for a very long time. She has promised me that she will pace herself at work, and will not hesitate to ask for help. Kelly and PJ will both be in the school next year, so Patty should be able to fall back on them as well.

Great news -- Colin called this morning to confirm that both he and Devin just received their passports, so they'll be able to visit this summer. Tammy in the office of Tom Cross has now earned hero status in our home; she pushed and pushed for answers until they finally started to come.

Patty and I are both relieved and excited about the passports -- this will be the longest stretch ever that we've gone without seeing the boys. Kelly asks almost daily about when the boys are coming down; I think she misses them nearly as much as I do. I think I've mentioned this before, but things just seem more "normal" when all seven of us are together, even if they are admittedly more chaotic.

Joe seems to be making a steady recovery after his surgery, although not without some pain; please keep him in your best thoughts.

More soon...


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