Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Miserable morning

Hi everyone:

Patty is experiencing some fairly profound nausea today, and may well stay in bed for much of the day. I think that some of her meds do not mix well with some of the food she eats, and the combination wreaks havoc with her system. Fortunately, she does not have the added whammy of the chemo drugs to try to tolerate.

Yesterday, we watched the DVD of The Secret of Roan Inish, an Irish fairy fale. Although the film had been around since 1994, neither Patty nor I had seen it. It tends toward the saccharin at moments, yet overall it is a very enjoyable family film.

Tonight, Kelly graduates from junior high. All through the year she has approached her schoolwork with tremendous energy and enthusiasm (and even a little frustration on those occasions when the grades didn't synch with her effort.) Many times, she worked on projects until late in the evening, and I don't think she passed over the opportunity to complete a single extra-credit project. As of this morning, she has "A" grades in several of her classes. We are so proud of her.

We are grateful that our children are holding up so well at a time in which they could have called for us to cut them some slack. Connor is moving on to junior high this year, a prospect that has us noting how old we're getting. Devin has been working during many of his outside-school hours, and earned a raise just weeks into his job; unfortunately, this same job will restrict the amount of time he can visit this summer. PJ is looking for summer work, and starting into some speech team activities. Colin keeps me up-to-date several times a week on the latest indie music, and still dreams of leading Canada one day. We miss Devin and Colin desperately.

Hopefully, our patient will soon make a rebound, because I can't imagine even wild horses making her miss the graduation ceremony tonight.


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