Saturday, June 16, 2007

Patty wins the corn-eating challenge

Hi everyone:

Yesterday afternoon, we crossed the street to the home of our neighbors Denise and Kevin, and didn't leave for many hours. We chatted on the patio, cooked burgers and dogs and swam in the pool.

When things wound up at Denise's at midnight, Patty was still feeling social, so we then visited Jim and Trish next door for a couple of hours. Kelly and Connor had three sleepover guests, so we had a full house.

When we got home, Patty was still alert, and I was barely able to keep my eyes open. Needless to say, our patient has been doing some pretty solid napping today.

Patty is normally a pretty light eater. You can imagine my shock yesterday, then, when Patty scarfed down two sausages on buns, a small piece of fish and a cob of corn for dinner and then later ate two more ears of corn and a baked potato. I was amazed. I will say, though, that she was pretty energetic; she even made two trips into the pool. I love to see her feeling like a real person, even if she needs more down time the next day.

In the category of "not sure if it means anything," we were suprised several times over the past 24 hours by Patty's inability to remember details of conversations and events that happened just an hour or so before. I'm sure I'm making it sound more dramatic than it really was, but I will say that we both found it a little strange and unsettling.

We found out yesterday that Patty's most recent PRA numbers, from blood drawn a couple of weeks ago, are unchanged at 59% and 99%. We're not really surprised. Hopefully, one of the few remaining options will bear fruit.

Today, Patty is tired but otherwise faring well. More soon...


Denise (who is intimidated by NO trench)

Kelly (who by some strange coincidence got MY good looks)

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