Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kelly speaks


As you all know, my Dad writes almost all of the blog entries; today, I thought it would be appropriate for me to write one, since I haven’t written one in about eight months. This year I will be a high schooler, and I’m extremely excited that my Mom will be back teaching at the same high school that I will be attending (Oswego East), along with my older brother P.J.

My Mom has been doing well for the past few weeks, without much nausea, serious trouble breathing, or any other “heart attack symptoms.” This is a very good, yet rare, situation and I think I’ve been trying to take full advantage of these days.

We have been doing a lot of things this summer – for example, we saw “The Color Purple” a couple of weeks ago, and Mom saw Stevie Nicks. On the days that we get to do something special like that with my Mom, I forget she even had a heart attack and feel like there’s no possible way anyone could ever separate us. Sometimes, though, I feel overwhelmed by the preparation of my Mom while she waits for a new heart, and I pray at night that it will happen soon. On other days, I just feel really sad that all of this has to happen to her; why couldn’t it be someone else?

It’s not all sad, though. If Mom never had a heart attack, and never needed a transplant, how else would the family get such great gifts like tickets to “Riverdance,” tickets to all different kinds of concerts and sometimes even being able to meet the bands? I think it pretty much all evens out.

This has been more my diary than a blog entry, so sorry to anyone reading this and thanks for listening.


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