Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not even enough substance for a title

Hi everyone:

Patty had a pretty good day. She had a late start (11am), but is still going pretty strong at 11:30pm, and this without a nap.

Kelly's blog entry was nice, don't you think?

We had dinner at our home with Patty's colleague Heather (another art teacher), her husband Ryan (yet another art teacher) and their two young children (art teachers to be?) We also watched several innings of the Sox game...but enough about that.

The one-year anniversary of Patty being listed for a transplant is fast approaching, and I feel like we're collecting questions without getting much closer to answers. I have written and rewritten this paragraph several times, in the hopes I might add some brilliant observation. I gave up -- I just want Patty to get her new heart.

More tomorrow...


P.S. Patty just chided me for writing about her late start but not noting how productive she was today -- she went for a walk, did all the laundry, did some cleaning, helped cook dinner and was an enthusiastic host. Boy, was SHE busy!!!

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Anonymous said...

dear kelly

you did a great job writting the
blog. i hope you write agin soon.