Friday, June 08, 2007

Frustration part II (amended)

Hi everyone:

Well, the huge storm we were supposed to get last night turned out to be more whimper than bang; we saw a lot of lightning, but I don't know if we received even a drop of rain.

I just discovered this morning that the easing of the passport restrictions, which has now been enacted, will apply only to U.S. citizens wanting to travel to Canada or Mexico. Canadian citizens (like Colin) will still require valid, current passports. Frustrating...

Patty's not up yet. More later...


P.S. Since I posted this message, I received a call from an assistant to State Rep. Tom Cross, who had in turn been in touch with Denny Hastert's office. Although they don't hold much sway over Canadian authorities, it was nice to hear we have their support in investigating options. The regional reps in Canada are also in touch with the Foreign Affairs minister for Canada. I've copied the Candian consulate on our messages. I'm starting to feel somewhat hopeful that this can all be sorted out. Thanks to anyone who is pulling for us on this. Love...B

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