Monday, January 22, 2007

315 and counting

Hi everyone:

Tonight, and for the first time, I noticed that there is a counter within the screens I use to post these blog entries. Since May of last year, I have posted 315 messages in this space. A great many of these entries have offered little of substance, to be sure; just the typical comings and goings of a family of 5-7, depending on the day. I've even felt a need to apologize, at times, for offering little of substance--and yet, when I quickly scan down the screen, I am reminded of just how crazy this ride has been at times. I'm reminded of how quickly you can be brought right back to a deeply emotional moment (happy, sad or otherwise) simply by reviewing an image. I am reminded of how people can surprise you in the most magical fashion, especially when you most need that surprise. And I am reminded that, regardless of how painful or frustrating certain moments can be, there is just so much to celebrate in this world.*

After a very pleasant few days together, we dropped Aunt Sue at the Metra station in Aurora late this afternoon. During Sue's stay, she made Patty and I laugh uproariously on more than one occasion. The next time you see Sue, be sure to ask her about geese formations, vacuuming for fitness and how to best manage the issue of teen drivers; I'm smiling from ear to ear as I write this.

As for Patty, she has still been experiencing headaches from the new medication, has continued to be bothered by stomach cramps, and can't seem to shake the increasing discomfort just under her rib cage (the latest mystery.) The kids still seem to be trying to chase away the last vestiges of colds. I have been ailing from bizarre stomach/back/neck/arm pains, enough that I think I'll finally concede and seek medical attention. We've been quite a haggard bunch of late.


* Okay, I have to admit that the Bears' win over New Orleans is the strongest example that immediately comes to mind, but there are of course others!

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