Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A call from Edward Hospital

Hi everyone:

There's not much to report today, other than that Patty spoke briefly with Dr. Costanzo this afternoon. Dr. Costanzo gave Patty the name of the head of oncology at Edward, who should be contacting us within the next day to make arrangements for Patty to begin her rituxan/cytoxan treatments. Patty is a bit frustrated with the slow pace in scheduling these actions, in part because.

Patty continues to be bothered by pains in her right side, which are worse when she coughs or laughs. Dr. Costanzo guessed that the likely cause is a muscle pull, although, to be fair, it's not easy to diagnose a problem over the phone. The doc suggested that if the pain persists, Patty should be back in touch. Of course, I'm worrying that there's something more dire afoot.

Kathleen is visiting tonight, so I need to sign off and be a more gracious host.


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Kevin said...

When did Connor get frickin’ laser beams implanted into his retinas?