Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bad night, but a better day

Hi everyone:

Patty's fever last night climbed as high as 102.4, but seems to have pretty much disappeared today. She is very short of breath--even more so than usual--but otherwise seems much more alert and energetic. The picture to the right testifies to the change in her condition. I'm not saying she's in tip-top form--in fact, the breathing issues make me especially anxious--but the fevers always seem to knock Patty off her feet, so their departure is always welcome.

Patty is pulling me away from my Visual Congruence marketing efforts to help her with a variety of much-neglected home cleaning projects, so I need to keep this brief. Of course, I'd love to find excuses not to do the jobs (e.g., taking glassware off cabinets, washing it, and then putting it back atop the cabinets), but if I don't participate, she'll do the jobs anyway and will wear herself out. As it is, I'm trying to get her to adjust her pace, but if you know Patty, you'll know what I'm up against.


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