Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Grabbing some fresh air

Hi everyone:

As the picture illustrates, Patty and I went out for a walk this morning. We haven't been getting outside as often as in the past, but have made a resolution to push things a little bit, since we don't know how long Patty may be waiting for a heart. For my part, anyone who saw me in January of both 2006 and 2007 knows why I need to get off my butt more often.

The cold air doesn't always make such efforts easy for Patty, so she paces herself and we walk in one-block loops so she can cut things short as needed. Today, Patty was able to go for 20 minutes before needing to pull the plug. I was of course happy to snap a photo outdoors, since the quality is generally better; besides, pictures like this somehow seem more optimistic (if that makes any sense.)

Today, the ache in Patty's side seems to be better than yesterday, so perhaps there's something to the "pulled muscle" diagnosis after all.


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