Sunday, January 21, 2007

An arrival...and The Departed

Hi everyone:

Patty and I picked up Aunt Sue at the train station yesterday afternoon. After getting settled at home, we headed out for dinner at Luigi's House, and then saw Scorsese's latest, The Departed, at the Cantera 30 in Warrenville. To my surprise, I wasn't particularly impressed with the film, in spite of the good reviews it received. Sue did not care for it, either. Patty liked it, with some reservations. After the movie, we returned home and headed upstairs shortly after 11pm.

This morning, Patty is struggling with a headache brought on by a new vasodillator that should help her breathing (and, by extension, her sleeping) at night. Our hope is that she can manage the headache, so that she can reap the benefits of taking the drug without too much downside.

Our plan for the day is to start into some sort of jewelry/beading project, and then watch the Bears game (or part of it, if things turn ugly.) Go Bears! Bring on the snow!


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