Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another day of poor health

Hi everyone:

Patty is feeling terrible again today, with a low-grade fever (100.6 at its worst, so far), sore muscles, aching joints, headache, mild nausea and profound fatigue.

We called Dr. Costanzo's office, as a precaution; we suspect that, in this instance, the symptoms are related to the bug that has plagued our home of late, and not from anything more severe (e.g., blood infections.)

This morning, shortly after we awakened, I was a bit distressed when I put my head to Patty's chest (another obsession of mine in our post-MI era) and it seemed like her heart was racing. Fortunately, her heart rate seemed to settle down within a few moments.

Dr. Costanzo is out of the office today, so we were told to watch Patty's symptoms and call again tomorrow if her fever persists. Patty has slept for most of the day; this seems to be a blessing, because each time she awakens she feels as bad or worse than during her last waking period.

More soon if there's more to report...


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