Saturday, January 06, 2007

Awaiting answers...and still worrying

Hi everyone:

I'm sorry for not writing yesterday, and for being so brief with my recent commentaries. Over the past few days, we've either been running around or hosting visitors to our home, so I haven't been sitting in front of the laptop as much as I normally do. To be honest, not much of interest has transpired, but I still feel like I've missed out on something when I can't squeeze a blog entry into my day.

We have packed up most of our Christmas decorations, and have taken down and stored our tree. For all the excitement that precedes the holidays, much of the time that follows seems surprisingly anticlimactic, does it not? I will say, though, that this Christmas was a very special one for our family.

Patty has continued to struggle with her breathing, and with her energy levels. She has also experienced some strange heart rhythms, although they rarely last for more than a few seconds. I keep hoping Patty's doctors will get back to us soon, because I'm worrying incessantly about her condition. I realize that these cardiologists are worried about more than one heart, and thus we cannot demand their constant attention--but, man oh man, I just wish they would come up with answers that represent real progress in making my wife better.


P.S. These are the last few hours of my thirties...tomorrow, I'll be old like Patty.

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