Friday, January 26, 2007

A whole lot of nothing (again)

Hi everyone:

Today was another day with little of consequence to share. For the most part, Patty seemed pretty strong today, and was pleased with herself for braving the cold for a third consecutive day (to keep an exercise streak alive.) We walked together for 30 minutes, and then I forged on for another half hour. Patty was breathless at points, mostly because the snow provided a shifting surface that wasn't easy to negotiate.

Patty settled into a nap in the late afternoon. At some point, she was awakened by an irregular heartbeat that continued for about 30 seconds, and which gave her a scare. Hopefully, this was just a blip and not anything meaningful. I really wish the doctors and insurance carriers would get their ducks in a row, though, because the wait seems like we're tempting fate.


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